Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Of all forms of courage is the ability to laugh

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Whenever there is something wrong or sad mood in a particular place, the environment will only change after inspiration words has been uttered. Usually this happens during the accident or death of a person. This kind of environment brings frustration to thefamily, friends or colleagues, but after few days when family and relatives gather together to accept the current situation. This will normally calm the situation as these people talk about; this usually led to laughing of them as these people will share some funny things might this person was doing. Mostly this happened during memorial services coordinated by a priest who tries to calm the family by inspiring words from the bible. These words open spaces from the heart and give hope to relatives, friends as well as colleagues who are unfortunately lost their individual. This makes these people to simple understand death is uncontrollable, when an individual’s name has been called is done and that would not change and when time is ripe everyone will be called.

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