Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The statute of limitation has expired on most of our childhood trauma.

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During growth stage as a child, there are restricted things towards you. The parents are still giving you instruction of which you are expected to obey them. For instance, coming home at night is totally not acceptable. The parents at this stage can tell you as child what must you do, when, why, with who, where and how. As child you are under control of them. This is there time when parents have visions, plans about your future; therefore they are building you towards as a future manhood. All those goals they could not fulfilled or meet, due to the difficulties they went through, could be positioned towards their future manhood to enjoy these benefits. Failure to follow the parent’s instruction at this age is disastrous to child life. This is the beginning of human life journey, missing this point would take such child no where in life. It is the stage whereby parents will develop you as their future child product. Parents will feel prestigious and proud of you.

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