Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Case study for risk management

Department of Correctional services core business is the safety custodian of criminals. Since South African prison system has been transformed after 1994 to correctional facility centres. Department of Correctional services has develop a rehabilitation programmes to assists these offenders to change their attitudes and behaviours in order to be accepted back by their societies, after expiring of their sentences or during the remission period of their sentences which might results to be release in custody and go back to the community. Although these rehabilitation programmes are not feasible to be done by correctional services alone, this department is partnering with various community stakeholders which includes churches, NGO’s, Association, government and so on. These programmes are educational which helps offenders to gain various life orientation skills as well as challenges that are faced by society. These programmes prepare offenders during their release to do something for at least to make a change in their community and to better their living. At the same time, South Africa is faced with overcrowding correctional centres, whilst department of Correctional services is facing with community challenges which includes, the rejection of offenders by community who has been released from custody, either the offender has finished to saved the prison term, or either the offender has been considered to be released out on parole, due to positive attitudes, or positive signs of rehabilitees. The department is under attack or a public outcry that correctional services and government is failing community and pose their life in danger. Society members do not want even to associate themselves with an ex-offender. There is a lack of trust, as community regards that person as risk person to remain among with them. Although family members might accept him/her, but society at large as well as victim of crime do not want to see. This is really a challenge to correctional services to have a plan for offenders before their release

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