Saturday, October 20, 2012

Only bad things happen quickly.
I do not really agree with this topic. Good things are also happening very quickly, but the problem is that good things are not making news. Most news reporting that makes interest to the people is bad things. People are looking for negative things out of you. They want to know what wrong things you busy doing, that’s what makes interesting. Take for instance the news headlines, most news headline are there to attract the news readers, to buy newspapers. There will be no interesting news if the reporting is about good things; people are not interested on that. News basically is targeting negativity most and search more information in details for the purposes of making new worth and informs the public. Check people when they gossip, they are not talking about good things; gossip is mostly about bad things that are spreading very quickly. Bad things are very quickly to be spread, because they are easily spread to hollow an individual’s reputation.

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