Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How did you get there?,
When I started to study in 2009, I was like a laughing story to my colleagues. I regret today that has contributed more to motivate me not to step backwards, but to move on. Since were staying together in the workplace, so they know what I was doing. After work I have to drive to school, seeing my colleagues relaxing drinking some beers and braying. I sometimes felt like to abandon school, but since there were lots of talks already, that would make more laughing story about me, I was therefore forced to continue with my studies. Some of the comments were, we had all have the same ideas, but the situation does not allow us, as the results I will also experience the same problem. Others commented that part – time is taking very long and is boring. But today, all those questions are still remains unanswered and I have my degree. Today I am congratulating myself for the efforts and initiative that I have undertaken.

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