Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebranding of Democratic Alliance

drum.co.za, antilogic.co.za.
South Africa’s future President Hellen Zillie has show some positive move towards the rebranding of the Democratic alliance. Since DA has been associated with the old apartheid government, when Zillie took over as the first woman leader of the organisation has implemented transformation policies as well as rebranding of the organisational logo. I also think the fact that she did work as journalist has help an organisation to make develop creativity ideas and innovations towards change. This also has been seen by the fact that, an organisation is showing a good progress towards governing the province as the results; Cape Town has won various awards which includes World Capital Design and so on. There are an increasing number of memberships throughout to all provinces. Recently, DA has won a ward councilor at Nyanga community settlement area, there ward was original rule by ANC. There are also a growing number of black people who are joining DA at critical positions, which include a DA candidate Mazibuko who is currently serves as a DA representative in Parliament.

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