Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage is Back

Here at SACD we have our very own MacIver who brings old and outdated machinery back to life. This MacIver is known as mr Danie Gagion. Danie has been with SACD for 15 years in total and has been the workshop supervisor for the last 10 years. He began working for SACD in 1996 when he was hired on a contract basis in order to rebuild a forklift as well as help with other mechanical entailed jobs. In 1997 Danie signed on as a permanent member of the SACD family. Danie’s job consists of doing maintenance and services on all machines as well as taking on a few revamp projects. However he does not do this job alone, he completes these jobs with help from his fellow workshop team members; Conely, Angelo, Pieter and Mike. Danie along with the other members of the warehouse team undergo many projects that save SACD great amounts of money. For example Danie is currently refurbishing a palet wrapping machine. The machine was bought for almost nothing and all that it required was some electrical work and bobs your uncle its good as new. Danie has also restored an old forklift that is now being used for training purposes. Up until last year SACD was buying the majority of our machinery brand new until we realised that we could spend less than half of that money by restoring old machinery rather, considering that the warehouse team are such experts at making them run perfectly as well as making them look brand new. Thank you to Danie and the entire warehouse team for your hard work and for having such a positive impact on the entire company.

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