Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding cake - in - the middle - of - the road
This is one of the days that I will never forget; my family was busy organising a wedding for my elderly brother, who by then was working at Witwatersrand as a mine worker. During long Ester weekend was his wedding ceremony in Eastern Cape, since he was on special leave for his wedding ceremony. The bride home was from Mpumalanga. The day before Ester, everything was already in place for preparations of the wedding day, since it was a weekend and shops would be closed. I was sent to go and fetch the chocolate cake from bakery that was already been paid, so I was given a money to hire a tax straight from Butterworth to home where ceremony will be held. I was so selfish buy not hiring the tax instead ask trunk driver a hike which was going to the same direction. At the back of the truck there was an Ox, the driver told me it’s fully in front. He also told me that the Ox is roped all legs and is not dangerous. Since I have seen the space and driver help me to open at the back with the cake. After a while a truck is moving, the Ox stood up straight to me. I have to leave cake on ground, climb up to gates that were fencing the back of the truck and I could not climb up holding a cake. I have tried to knock while I was climbing on top, but wind was blowing and they couldn’t hear me. An Ox stepped over it and cake was blown all over, brown on floor at the back of the truck. When I get off I was I wanted to go back to buy another but the place was closed, I have to rush to Shoprite at least to come with cake. The cake had been ordered was in the middle of the road.#smed12

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