Friday, May 18, 2012


This reminds my glory days at secondary school when English teacher used to tell the class that the idea is not an idea if is not being put into practice. Your thoughts, imaginations, views etc must not end on planning; this should be put into action. I have got the friend of mine who is also my colleague as well; he is always saying to me bring me Cape Peninsula University Technology application form I want to study next year. I always bother myself by bringing the form. After I have graduated diploma in my studies I have shown him what I have achieve within a period of three year, he could not handle it. He told me that he was thinking to study even before I meet with him as friend. Instead he continues to saying that diploma is worth anymore, at least he would be convinced if I was showing him a degree or B-tech. Actually he is just talking as if he knows everything but he is an empty vessel. He does not know in order to get a B-tech you need start with a diploma. He is misinformed and misleading those who still need to get information. Most of those who talks a lot are misinformed.

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