Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why strikes pursued by Blacks only,,
All the times when I am watching news or reading newspapers, I always see black people only who are pursuing strikes. I never see whites pursuing strikes. What I know the reasons for the strikeis almost the same issue, salary adjustment or better working conditions, isn’t other ethnic groups affected. I think the labour unions should start to address this issue, as this should also a challenge to them. When we talk we say South Africa is diverse country, yes of course that is the fact. In every aspect such as working environment, occupations, etc we want to see every ethnic group to be represented. Let’s show our unity throughout all sphere, let’s not have sellers. When employees have achieved their demands, everyone enjoy those benefits. The labour unions should try to unpack their slogan, “An injury to one is an injury to all”. There is needed to make sure that awareness is made to inform those ethnic groups that are clueless. Because when it comes to strikes the slogan is inactive, after demands were achieved, the slogan is active.


IHStewart said...

" I always see black people only who are pursuing strikes. I never see whites pursuing strikes."

From my blog on the SA strikes

" But this tells an interesting story $120 a month or 912 pounds per year for an underground miner at Lonmin as opposed to 788,844 pounds a year for their chief financial officer. Interestingly a SA Police officer gets a minimum pay of 381 pounds per month."

The simple fact is that black people are striking because they are still being ruthlessly exploited.

You say

"we want to see every ethnic group to be represented"

They are, the white chief financial officer gets 788,884 british pounds a year or 11,061,621 Rand a miner at the rock face gets 12787 Rand a year.

What you should say is every ethnic group remunerated fairly. I am afraid that Apartheid remains in practice if not in law.

H Stewart said...

Also this may not have been reported very widely in SA but it is chilling