Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Diffirentiate between strategic formulation and strategic implementation
Strategy formulation – It is the primary sub activities of the formulation as a logical activity include identifying (SWOT) strengths and weakness in the environment whereby an organization operates, organizational opportunities and threats should be evaluated together with the resources on hand and available before a choice can be made.(Chandler:2007,40). In other words, internal and external factors of the organizational environment need to be scanned before taking advantage of the perceived market needs should be predictable as objectively as possible. e.g. Internal factors are organizational characteristics such as follows: employees, resources etc. external – social- economic and political factors. Strategy implementation – an operation strategy involves taking the ideas, decisions, plans, policies, objectives, and other aspect of the strategy as well translate them into actions. In other words, this means that all strategic plans are carried out and put into practice. As an intended operations driven activity involving organizing, budgeting, motivating, culture building, supervising, and leading to make the strategy work as intended. (Bryson and etal: 2011, 20) e.g.In 2010 department of Correctional Services has launch a new visitation system whereby public is expected to telephonically make appointment before they visit the facility. During the implementation stage, top management, independence prison visitors, community stakeholders and businessman were present and proactively involved to put the project into action.

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