Friday, August 10, 2012

Woman's day
In South Africa, many others sacrificed their lives so that we could all live in a free, non racial, non sexist and democratic country. Indeed, when we celebrate National Women's Day, we honour, remember and salute all women from all generations who have been part of our struggle and have made significant contributions. We are proud today to say that owing to our mothers and sisters, South Africa is far better off today than she was some decades ago. We therefore use Women's Day as a day of solemn reflection on how far we have come, and what else we must do to ensure the full emancipation of women in all spheres of life. We have come to appreciate that greater participation by women in national agenda has become admirable and instrumental. It is indisputable that there is even greater consensus worldwide that women bring a unique element of success and a nation that excludes women in its developmental agenda runs a risk of losing its soul. Full participation of women in the economy is in the interest of every Nation, for women are the nucleus of every development and therefore a nation that empowers her women, invests in her future. We remain grateful for the role our Mothers played in the anti apartheid movement throughout the world.

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