Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” You can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?
I think most things that can make anyone to be famous is to be a role model, public figure, and etc. But besides that there are other conducts that may create famous in human personality and might be unethical conduct in the community. Therefore there are various ways that may create prominent in human nature weather it has a positive reputation or negative to society To be an artist, or actor either politician will create a famous around your name. At the same time to behave in unwelcoming way in the society way also create prominent to a person. The evil deeds that someone may be involved with may give a bad name and this would give him/her prominent in the society. But according to Andy said, in future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes. Here I should think that because now in our days live there are many wonders, just now you will listen new story, after seconds you get worse news than the ones you heard. In other words there are more things that are happening and get published in different media. There are many media platforms that are used to send out different information across the world. Examples today people get more exposure to various social media networks, at the same time there are still traditional media such as radio, newspapers, television and etc.

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