Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A skill set called leadership.
Leaders are born, leaders are groomed. This is one of the scarce skills but remain unnoticed. It is leadership qualities that convinced people to believe to such individual have attained all requirements. This impression was brought even by former President Thabo Mbeki in 2008 when he established a leadership school. The aim is to create platforms for dialogue to promote the birth of a continental movement driven by a new cadre of thought leaders dedicated to Africa’s political, social and economic renewal. In other words this academy is set to develop an identified youth leaders to further their leadership skills in order to improve to their leadership skills. Actually to be a leader there is no need for qualifications, instead its qualities. Leaders are being deployed and delegated or mandated by group of people to pursue tasks or to serve for the people. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. Leaders need to be able to be a source of inspiration, and be a motivator towards the required action or cause. Although the responsibilities and roles of a leader may be different, the leader needs to be seen to be part of the team working towards the goal. This kind of leader will not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. A skillful leader should take informed decision, not to be biased.

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