Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is the description of an individual features, It’s a time when someone should be feel free to tell a story about him/her. Its like when you propose a lady, you need to market yourself, or sell yourself who you are?. There are many scenarios where an individual is expected to express him/her, such a on job interviews where someone needs to be able to convinced the panel of who is he/she. This might be look very easily to express yourself, but is not easily at all. Remember when you tell your story there are varous format that you might be selecting and use at least one that you think is excellent, but you might have chosen the one that interview panel is not interested on it at all. So in other words there are different approaches that you may select from them in order to express youself depending on the situation. In short “I AM” is very crucial aspect which demands more description of yourself such as Who, what, where, when, why and how.

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