Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prison is for everyone,
In life, there are many challenges which make things difficult to achieve your goals. In order to anyone to be a criminal is not easily avoidable, although an individual might try to avoid to committee any form of crime. To committee crime does not have a colour, race, gender, religion. Belief, culture etc, any individual may find him/her involved to criminal activities. I writing this article out my experience, and I work in a environment where I have to know difference crimes activities committed by offenders. What comes to my mind is that crime sometimes is not envisaged, is just unfortunately happen and that would be a tough luck for you. There are times where suspects remain in prison for years and after such long time courts prove them not guilty, that is very estrange. An individual may stay in prison becuase of many reasons such as conspiracy that is created in order to discredit you, either by friends or families, either you are being framed. The point that I am trying to illustrate is that, there are people who have proven not guilty by court of law, althuogh they committed crimes, but due to legal tacticalilities. At same time, there are those who did not committee crimes but failed to convinced the courts and end being the victims of crime. It’s a tough lucky.

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