Friday, June 8, 2012

Every day is a good day This is only applicable when the environment favours such individual, I therefore not agree with the topic. This is usually happens where someone is having a hope of getting something or new job. When such an individual is first starting to work may be coming from school have no many problems and may have time to enjoy his/her salary. At the same time such person does not have financial problems and unnecessary shops accounts. Also such person is able to go out at anytime of the month and such an extent that his/her bank account is always have money, not only on pay day. Sometime every day is a good day when someone enters to a new relationship, everything is hot, and no problem has arisen so far. Situations like that change everything complete, such person may not even feel the day either the weather is cold or either time. This is the kind of environment where a person sees things only black and white or green colours only. It’s when someone sees him/her controlling everything on earth and always thinks nothing is impossible for him/her. Do not see him/her as failure in life.

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