Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Friend

fungopher.com There is an expression that says “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” This is a really person that you may need him or her when you really in trouble. But within the friendship there are also friends who pretend as if they are your friends as well. Their friendship is to use you to gain or for their personal gain. This is not the friendship to help you rather than to destruct and to make grapevines about you or vampires. This is just the friendship to fool you. Once you are in trouble there are the ones who spread the news as if they are wishing to succeed. These kinds of people would bring gossip from different people just to confuse you. They are very efficient in getting gossip and they even contradict themselves. This type of person is very effective to intrusion their noise to other people’s business, is always have something to say not about him but other people. As a person you need to be selective, treat them all as your friends, but you must have your own secrete. There are very dangerous people who may make your life difficult, because they are catapult whatever step you are taking to make news. We need to get a precisely word that describes this kind of people, because is not a friend.

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