Friday, June 1, 2012

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.,,
After many brutal murders of South Africans by left wing apartheid police and harsh policies to suppress blacks during the apartheid government, eventually African national congress has won the battle and South Africa became the democratic country. The first black democratic government was elected in 1994. South Africans have managed to fight for oppression and achieve their goals, which was to cast their ballot paper and elect their government. All South Africans mostly young or old at all spheres have contributed a lot to fight for struggle against oppression and to improve better life for all. The really problem now lies with comrades who went for exile; they have got a perception that there are the only ones, who brought this democracy. Those who are in power tend to forget about the people on ground, as if they contributed nothing to bring this democracy they enjoying today, even positions they hold to represent and delivery for the people on ground. I mean they are being mandated by the same people. I think this is the weakness point of politicians. People on the ground decide and give a mandate and deploy such an individual to delivery to them, but they always do the other way around. Most of them they always implicated with fraud and corruption and this resulted to our leaders being jailed to prisons.

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