Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The stupid belief

I have got colleague of mine who is also a friend, he find it very difficult to drive a car. He makes me laugh on the other day when we were coming from Gugulethu and were bit drunk and he was driving. He is type of person who believes that there is no other person who can drive his car; he is the main man to drive. In the intersection from the robots while he was yielding for the incoming vehicles, a big truck was coming 500m away from the intersection. I thought he was waiting for this truck to pass, while the truck was very close, he drove forward. We were four in the car and I was sitting in front, we all scream but fortunately the driver of the truck was able to control the truck not to run over the car. After we survived, a police van followed us and stops the car. The three police officers get off and tell the driver he looks drunk. Fortunately I knew all of this police officer. They say they are not going to arrest him, but one policeman he is going to drive this car and escort us to home. The car owner refused and said no one who is going to drive his car. The police told him that he is drunk and is not suppose to drive. We also please him to keep quiet otherwise is going to be arrested. The police decided to arrest him; they lock him in the van to police station. He was charged for drink and driving and bailed the next day for R500.00.

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