Friday, June 1, 2012

I have gone through all challenges during my early stages and I sometimes feel like the current generation life for them is very comfortable. When I thinking back in 1980’s where almost all families were practising agriculture, ploughing became a traditional norm and every family should take up on ploughing as a community practise. This is one of the difficult task ever I had performed, I mean waking up early 04h00 in the morning preparing cattle for ploughing to the field or garden and what is worse this is done without no pay. After ploughing certain part of the field for the day, you are still expected to go to school. I mean ploughing was understood even by teachers, there is be no excuse for not attending school because of ploughing. Teachers by then understand that ploughing was contributing a lot to fight poverty and alleviation. This practice is continually, as after ploughing, planting need to follow then cultivation of seeds and lastly harvesting. At the same time, you will be expected to be a Sheppard of livestock farming. While teachers were non-stop to making sure discipline is maintained and late coming was not tolerated. Parents encourage corporal punishment to be used as one of disciplinary procedures. I was coping.

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